It’s been a while!

Hey! I’m finally out for winter break but I feel like I just don’t get along quite right with the whole wordpress thing, I created a new tumblr, I work better with it and I’m gonna start posting from there.

I feel like I’ve gotten better already after only 3 months at SCAD, for whoever who wants to start following me on tumblr I’ll start posting soon, I’ve tried to link both blogs together but I still haven’t managed to do it…

Anyways, feel free to check out and follow me if you want!

Happy holidays followers!!

Cast your vote: The Great Catsby

The Great CatsbyCast your vote: The Great Catsby

Hello world!

So, I know I haven’t posted anything for a while now, but big things have been happening! I finally moved to Atlanta a few weeks ago and started my Illustration M.A. at SCAD (yaaay!!!). It’s been quite a change of life, busy all the time, but great experiences and amazing people here, I feel very blessed.

Today I’m showing you a design I made for Computer Illustration class which happens to be also a Threadless challenge based on “Movies that don’t exist”. I decided to work on The Great Catsby, and I think it came out quite nice and funny, what do you guys think?

Click the link and score it!

Be Thankful!

be thankful. vero parra

Everything in my life has been changing a lot lately, for good. Embracing some of those changes hasn’t been quite easy all the time, but when looking at the big picture, and at what’s coming ahead, I get to realize how blessed I am! And how we always are, but sometimes we don’t even realize it.

We need to look at the little things, and be thankful about them. I made this as a reminder of it, and I really like how it worked out.

I’ve been trying to live like this for a while, being really thankful for what I have every day; it’s not always easy, but when we stay focused and realize how blessed we are, no matter our situation, we get to see everything clearer and be happier people.